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I cannot see thumbnails of my phone’s files when connected to my laptop in Windows 11

I would much prefer if this Chat integration on Windows 11 was for Skype instead. Hopefully they give us the option down the line to change it. Windows 11 has a new chat function that ties itself directly with the drivers download msi consumer-facing version of Microsoft Teams. Yes, Microsoft has a version of Teams that it intends for you to use with your friends and family outside of work.

  • Every icon responded to my click or tap, animations were fast and fluid, and opening a dozen Windows at once didn’t cause problems.
  • With a page capture browser extension, you can also quickly edit the screenshot image and add drawings, markings or texts to it before you save it to your PC.
  • Download the latest version of the appropriate Bluetooth driver for your system.

Now that Windows 11 has been released, let’s take a look at what the new operating system has on offer, from its updated features to the benefits it has for users over Windows 10. Micro$oft has released a PC Health Check program to see if your computer is able to upgrade to Windoze 11. Since I built the computer myself I am guessing it is because I do not have TPM2.0 dongle installed. I am kind of glad, I don’t want to have to unplug my ethernet cable to avoid being connected to M$ to do an upgrade/fresh install.

Since Windows 10 was released back in 2015, its 10-year lifecycle ends in 2025 and this is why Microsoft won’t issue any updates or provide any support thereafter. Have you declined the update and it no longer shows up in your Windows Update in the Settings app? There are a couple of ways to fix this but first, we recommend you restart your system and connect to a non-metered network and check for updates again. If the upgrade to Windows 11 is still unavailable then you have the following two options at your disposal. Microsoft has had a free upgrade offer for Windows 10 users in place since the product’s « general availability » commercial release on Oct. 4.

Ways to Fix Problem Resetting Your PC on Windows 10 PC 2022

However, there occurs an unusual thing when thumbnail previews not showing on Windows 10 and you only see the default icon for that file type. To get back the thumbnails back to File Explorer, you need to go through the below-discussed methods for fixing this issue. Many users who are on Windows 10 are reporting that Windows 10 File Explorer doesn’t display thumbnail previews for pictures and videos. My file explorer is not displaying thumbnails instead it is showing default program icon for all picture files like jpgs, bmps. Corrupted Windows OS or system files can also stop this Thumbnails preview which can be checked by SFC scan manually. But in severe corruption cases, users may face data loss or accessibility issues.

The thumbnails not showing Windows 10 issues have been encountered by many users while trying to access any shared folder. It’s worth resetting the File Explorer options to see if your file thumbnails come back. Doing so should fix any improperly configured options in the File Explorer settings. Often, corrupt files cause various issues on Windows PCs, including causing File Explorer not to display any thumbnails. You don’t have to worry about anything if this is the case, as Windows 10 includes a command to find and fix corrupt files. At the bottom of the box, enable the Always use this app to open .jpg files (where jpg is the file type you’ve selected).

[Solved] Kernel Security Check Failure – 11 Fixes for Windows 10

Verify the PIN is the same and then click the “Yes” button. These days, most mobile devices come with Bluetooth. If you’ve got a reasonable modern Windows 10 laptop, it’s got Bluetooth. If you have a desktop PC, it might or might not have Bluetooth built-in, but you can always add it if you want.

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Our hardware team ran benchmark tests both for gaming performance and productivity performance on the same PC with Windows 10 and then again after upgrading to Windows 11. The team found Windows 11 performs just as well, and even showed some gains in frame rates and a slight edge in the productivity tests. In any case, you can still speed up Windows 11 with a few tricks if you notice it getting sluggish.

When resizing apps in the snap layouts, you will see the corresponding app “icon” on top of the acrylic background. Snap layouts top screenThe company has improved Snap assist to seamlessly animate between zones in a layout for a better end-to-end experience. In addition to the live content from the weather widget, you’ll also start to see sports, finance, and breaking news information. Taskbar app drag and dropMicrosoft has added a new visual indication to the Taskbar in the share window feature, indicating which window is being shared. This is important when multiple applications run or split your attention across multiple monitors. When you choose to share a window in your Microsoft Teams call, the shared window will now be surrounded by a colored border.